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Coaching and Training for Longevity

"I train women who want to remain strong and vital! I can help you develop the sustainable habits that will enable you to continue doing what you love to do."


I believe that strength training and whole food nutrition is the ultimate anti-aging strategy. Muscle is the "organ of longevity" and it is essential to keep it and use it to maintain a youthful metabolism, healthy bones, blood sugar regulation and even cardiovascular health! I can teach you short, safe, effective routines that you can do at home 3 times a week to reap all the benefits! 

See me privately (in person or via computer) or join a small group.

There’s more to a healthy lifestyle than fad diets and unsustainable exercise regimens. If there is a gap between what you know you need to do to be healthy and your current ability to actually make and sustain those changes- I can help you!

Get free webinar- "what works" & stop wasting time trying to follow old advice

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