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HEALTH AND WELLNESS RETREAT  - Full Day Training for Women

There are many challenges to our fitness and our physical and mental health after the age of 40. I have been working with women as a Personal Trainer for the last 25 years and have enjoyed correcting misconceptions that can actually make things more difficult. Many women have mentioned that they would love to spend a day with me to learn the principles first hand. I've recently been blessed with a beautiful home that makes this possible and I'd like to offer it to you! Find out how much one day can truly change your life for the better!


I will be offering a full-day wellness retreat at my cottage at Lake Nockamixon for a small group of women. Spend 10 hours with a Personal Trainer learning how to approach wellness and fitness in midlife. We will enjoy healthy meals including a dinner we make together. We will relax with professional shoulder massages, teatime and a mental health lecturer. On the fitness side, we will learn the basics of strength training and flexibility and enjoy a hike in the woods! The Wellness Cottage Retreat will take place on Fridays and only 4 spots are available in each. This is a great adventure for friends or sisters with a lifetime of benefits! 

I am currently taking the names and availability of interested ladies- KELLYSFITNESS@MSN.COM or call me with questions 215-429-2261

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